Fresh As

Shower Gel

20.00 лв

Fresh As shower gel is the jolt of the outdoors that you need in your morning routine – mountain fresh, herbal, cooling but also very relaxing. For those of us who feel at our most relaxed up a mountain or in a forest, the oils and absolutes in Fresh As create the scent of nature lingering cleanly on the skin after a day outside. The fresh cucumber infusion in it is both cleansing and cooling on the skin. Siberian fir needle oil and fir needle absolute blend to create a unique, alpine scent to make you feel instantly refreshed. Green notes come from the orris oil and there’s a slight woodsy sweetness from the benzoin resinoid.

Ingredients :

Glycerine, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Water (Aqua), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Fresh Cucumber Infusion (Cucumis sativus), Calcium Lactate Gluconate, Fine Sea Salt, Lauryl Betaine, Lactic Acid, Siberian Fir Needle Oil (Abies sibirica), Benzoin Resinoid (Styrax tonkinensis pierre), Orris Oil (Iris florentina), Fir Needle Absolute (Abies balsamea), Tagetes Oil (Tagetes minuta), *Citronellol, *Geraniol, *Limonene, *Linalool, Perfume, Colour 77007

*Occurs naturally in essential oils

We do not test our products on animals and we only purchase ingredients from suppliers who are not in any way involved in animal testing. Not only we do not support such practices but also each year through the LUSH Prize of 250,000 British pounds we reward initiatives across science and campaigning that work to end or replace animal testing with alternative testing methods.

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