Deodorants & Dusting Powders

A plethora of powders and solid deodorants to keep you fresh and fragrant
Solid Deodorant
Solid pit protection

16.50 лв / 100 g
Limited Edition
Fairy Dust
Dusting Powder
Faith, trust, and fairy dust

19.25 лв / Each
Silky Underwear
Dusting Powder
For enviable skin

22.95 лв / 60 g
Sleepy Dust
Dusting Powder
Lavender and chamomile skin softener

22.95 лв / 45 g
Solid Deodorant
T’eo-wel dry

17.95 лв / 90 g
The Greeench
Deodorant Powder
Clean but not mean

22.95 лв / 75 g