Rose Jam

Body Spray

200 ml 80.00 лв

Blooms of fresh rose and succulent geranium combine to create this rich, romantic delight. Jam-packed with indulgence, every spritz exudes sophistication. Moreish rose oil from petals picked in Senir, Turkey, blossom on your skin while a touch of lemon cleanses the palate. Allow this rich, floral aroma to adorn your skin in soft, sweet perfume.

This product is formulated to stay fresh without synthetic preservatives. We achieve this with natural preservatives and clever product formulation.

Ingredients :

DRF Alcohol, Water (Aqua), **Perfume, Glycerine, Citronellol, Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena), Rose Oil (Rosa damascena), Geranium Oil (Pelargonium graveolens), Sicilian Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum), *Citral, Coumarin, *Eugenol, Geraniol, *Limonene, *Linalool

*Occurs naturally in essential oils

**There are only around 500 perfumers in the world. Three of them work at LUSH and create the unique fragrances of our products.

We do not test our products on animals and we only purchase ingredients from suppliers who are not in any way involved in animal testing. Not only we do not support such practices but also each year through the LUSH Prize of 250,000 British pounds we reward initiatives across science and campaigning that work to end or replace animal testing with alternative testing methods.

Reviews (3)

Nikol 05/08/2023

Най- любимият ми аромат! Пръскам го по коса, дрехи, тяло! Наистина съм много доволна ❤️ Да, аз също мисля, че е хубаво да го направите в още разфасовки! :)

Стефания Иванова 27/01/2021

Средна дълготрайност ???? върху дрехите се задържа доста дълго ????

Стефания Иванова 05/01/2021

Страхотен аромат. Доста силен! Трябва да направите разфасовки за пътуване. Аромата е много особен. Мирише на някакъв сок от нещо много вкусно ♥️♥️♥️
За дълготрайност ще пиша пак.

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