Body Spray

200 ml 70.00 лв

A harmonious blend of lavender and tonka instills a sense of calm, while beguiling and sultry ylang ylang adds enticing, floral undertones to this fairytale-sweet fragrance. Cast a spell with creamy tonka for the most enchanting dreams, and bask in the rich, malty notes that flower on your skin, sure to leave you wanting more.

This product is formulated to stay fresh without synthetic preservatives. We achieve this with natural preservatives and clever product formulation.

Ingredients :

DRF Alcohol, Water (Aqua), **Perfume, Glycerine, Benzoin Resinoid (Styrax tonkinensis pierre), Lavender Oil (Lavandula angustifolia), Tonka Absolute (Dipteryx odorata), Ylang Ylang Oil (Cananga odorata), *Benzyl Benzoate, *Benzyl Cinnamate, *Cinnamal, *Coumarin, *Limonene, *Linalool

*Occurs naturally in essential oils

**There are only around 500 perfumers in the world. Three of them work at LUSH and create the unique fragrances of our products.

We do not test our products on animals and we only purchase ingredients from suppliers who are not in any way involved in animal testing. Not only we do not support such practices but also each year through the LUSH Prize of 250,000 British pounds we reward initiatives across science and campaigning that work to end or replace animal testing with alternative testing methods.

Reviews (2)

Estelle 16/06/2021

Любим аромат, сега вече се нарича Sleepy. Остава на кожата за дълго време, подходящ и да се впръсква на завивките вечер! В началото се усеща по-алкохолна миризма, в последствие придобива познатия сладък аромат.

Bianca 06/01/2020

I simply love this! I bought my first bottle back in 2019, in January. One year later, I finished my bottle and I repurchased it, because I had to have this scent in my wardrobe again. The first blast is a strong, herbal, natural lavender, but as the hours go by, it turns into a candy-like perfume. I received many, many compliments on it. It stays on for hours on end - better than many perfumes that I own.

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